About Us

About Us

Virtual Learning & Bonding is a trailblazer in the Philippines and in Asia, with a strong expertise in combining meaningful learning experiences and connecting people virtually.

We are a seamless creator and provider of webinar sessions that are made relevant to your everyday life and work life. 

Supported by the Art & Science of Positive Psychology, experience an invigorating virtual learning and bonding experience with memorable takeaways to bring home so you can thrive and flourish stronger.


Our mission is to support individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive and grow through our engaging virtual webinars. We connect people virtually with fun bonding experiences, backed with the Arts and Science of Positive Psychology.


Our vision is to be a seamless provider of engaging & inspirational virtual webinars and fun bonding experiences in the Philippines and in Asia.


Virtual Learning and Bonding upholds these core values that guide us in delivering excellent learning and bonding services to all our partners and clients. 

Love of Learning

We are driven to discover and acquire new levels of knowledge because we enjoy learning with the intent to share it with you.


We constantly seek to explore and adopt innovative ways to bridge learning and social relationships in a thriving way.

Human Connection

We believe in the power of meaningful human connection as a source of inspiration for individuals, teams, and organizations to flourish.


We treat challenges as our motivation to pursue greater heights with our partners and clients; and take the lead in bouncing back from these challenges.


We uphold the value of kindness, in our motives, speech, and actions.

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