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Interactive Webinar

An effective & engaging speaker delivers authentic, insightful and relevant-to-real-life contents based on the Arts & Science of Positive Psychology.There is an interactive Q&A segment as part of the program.

Duration: 90 minutes
Number of pax: Up to 95 participants

Interactive Webinar

An effective & professional speaker delivers a full, enriching experience of the interactive webinar PLUS a twist of virtual fun bonding activity.

Duration: 150 minutes
Number of pax: Up to 95 participants

Webinar Topics

How to overcome imposter syndrome
How to overcome imposter syndrome

effectively cope with uncertainty
Unlock Power
Build Strength



Public speaking can be terrifying. You may find yourself struggling to deliver your message effectively because the fear becomes too much. If you strongly aspire to grow as an effective speaker who is both confident and authentic but don’t know where and how to begin, we have the best solution for you. 

Heart2Speak is a 5-part course that inspires you to:

  1. Speak your message authentically.
  2. Own your story and voice it out.
  3. Deliver your message confidently.

Each session runs for 60 minutes and welcomes a maximum number of six participants. Heart2Speak is delivered virtually using an online platform. We recommend that you complete the full Heart2Speak experience so you can experience the best results and feel the immediate outcomes. Heart2Speak consists of interactive activities like strengths spotting, pair and share, and actual authentic speech. Combining the Art & Science of Positive Psychology, excellent communication skills & techniques, and international experience from the main facilitator, Heart2Speak aims to empower you to speak from the heart and gain a more confident, genuine, and courageous outlook at work and in life.

Reserve your Heart2Speak spot today.

Limited to six participants only.

The course starts on July 18, 2020, 7:00 P.M.


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