Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc.

Case Study: Gothong Southern Shipping Lines Inc. Chooses the VLB Webinar Plus.

Springtime Essentials

Many teams and organizations are experiencing a different kind of fatigue caused by the sudden changes in work arrangements in response to the new normal. Some experience stress and burn-out as the pandemic brought a high level of uncertainty that makes it difficult to manage. Studies show that one of the ways of effectively adapting to these changes include creating an energizing and positive atmosphere in the organization. 

Ninety-five (95) participants from Gothong Southern, one of the Philippines’ market leaders in providing domestic cargo transportation services and supply chain solutions experienced the VLB Webinar Plus. In that 150-minute session, the participants gained new levels of insights to better cope with uncertainty through the lenses of Positive Psychology. They learned techniques and ways to boost their positive emotions and build relationships amidst the new norm. The engaging and professional facilitators interacted with the participants in an interesting Q&A segment. 

They participants bonded with each other virtually in a short team bonding experience before wrapping up with a meaningful takeaway and debriefing. 98% expressed their great feedback for the session and definitely enjoyed it. 2% specifically shared that they prefer more of these types of webinars.

Overall, the Webinar Plus Session for Gothong Southern received great feedback and responses from the participants.

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